Welcome to BB Pins


This is BB Pins, our aim is to create and maintain a world record of the most BB Pins to be listed on a single website, and for that to become possible we need as many Blackberry owners as possible to add their pin to our list! So don't hesitate to join in as we need your pin today. Invite your freinds, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunties and even talented hamsters if they have a Blackberry!

So What's in it for me?


Not only will you be part of the biggest BB Pin list in the world but we are also giving out $100 cash prizes to random selected people who are in the BB Pin list. That's right! Every week we will pick a pin at random and you will get added by our prize team via BB Messenger with the pin 21798967. If you get added by this pin accept as soon as possible as you have just won yourself $100, it is that easy!

What are you waiting for?

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